My final NTFM post


As the Semester comes to a close and I reflect on what I have learned  from NTFM. The list is longer than i thought.  I have learned the importance of social networking sites to not only myself as a marketer but to everyone around us, it is now the foundation of communication! As todays world is even more competitive we now need to brand ourselves in every way, I have learned how to brand myself through the vast social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Google+ and Blogging sites.  I have not only learned the importance  of these online branding tools but, I have become part of them. I have doubled my online presence!

NTFM has not only thought me the skills I need when I enter the work place but it has shown me how to use these skills;

  • How to obtain statistics and data for businesses on Facebook
  • Writing up a Report on the online activity of a company (ASOS)
  • Signed up to Twitter, LinkedIn and Pintrest
  • A Digital Presentation on the SEO of AIB
  • Joined WordPress and Posted 10 blogs

But that is ONLY what I have so called learnt, the experience and enjoyment I have had during this module will stay with me for many years, as I know the world we live is changing all the time this has been a relevent module to the marketeers we are becoming! I no longer have the fear on blogging and putting my opinion online in fact I now find it enjoyable!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Colette and Catherine for sharing their knowledge of New Technologies, and for setting up this great Module, I would recommend this to all future marketers.

Thanks for Reading, until next time…



The Results are in….

The Truth is out How Long do We Spend Browsing

About a month ago now, I asked my fellow bloggers their opinion on the amount of time they spend on Social Networking Sites. I asked this question as I read a Blog a few weeks prior that the average person spend ups to 6 to 8 hours a week! I still didn’t believe this so I had to ask the question myself and it was astonishing that ;

  •  Out of 30 people who answered the Poll 50% said they spent 6+ hours
  • Up  to 25% said they spent between 5-6 hours
  •  The other answer fell in between the categories of 2-3 hours and 4-5 hours


The average person spends 45% of their time online on social Networking websites when they are online.

 It is who we are now we the Social Netorking Era!!!

Has Social Networking crossed the Line

How Fine is the Line? Has it been crossed already?

Social Media is now part of our everyday day lives

These sites allow us to keep in contact with friends and family where ever they may be! But the question is has it gone too far, do we have any privacy any more??

So I’m curious to now know what do we have control over, or do we have control over anything thing at all. I used to believe that deleting a previous post or picture you had uploaded would automatically mean it had been removed. But NTFM  thankfully corrected that for me and i was shocked to discover that something you post can never completely be removed and is basically public property.. this has definitely made me more aware of what i now put up online and more importantly where I put it!! What we dont know is easily explained in this article .

Think Before you Post

Before you broadcast your location to everyone on your friends list. Prune that list and make social media work for you. From a marketing standpoint, these devices are brilliant. We have more information than ever before on our current and potential customers. But there is a limit, and we should think carefully before we reach it, before we build ‘social’ into literally everything we touch.

Get a Balance

It still scares me when I think about the lack of control we have when we are online that is why I think we need to take a step back and use Social Networking sites for what they have been intended to ne used for in the first place keep Facebook for communicating with friends and family, use your LinkedIn account from communicating your business life and use your twitter account for a balance in between where you can vent and let your opinions take over cyber space!!!

The following video shows how your privacy settings on Facebook, are not for your benefit at all!! I know I will be updating my privacy settings!!


Twitter… who is it? Everyone!

We love knowing the so called unknown and social networking has let us “know” this. We can now interact with the latest stories, news, ideas and people that we find interesting with the click of the button.

 But the question is, how is Twitter different?

Why do we choose twitter form the others for instance over Facebook? Is it simple because of the Character limit? No one likes ran ts!  Or the way we can follow 150+ people on twitter and manage it but on Facebook your homepage is all blocked up? We don’t have time to be sorting out any more accounts! Is it that there are no ads? No one likes pop ups! Or is it simple because twitter lets you go viral? We want the world to know!!


Twitter is a leading social network website

Twitter has seen a huge growth over the last 6 years,  I couldn’t believe when I found out it is now worth over 3.7 Billion.

The question is how do they make money?

In the following twitter’s revenue officer Adam Bain explained how it worked, its surprisingly simple ‘sponsored tweets’  but what are  they…..  Sponsored tweets amplify the message you want to be sent that are targeted at the right person, in the right place and at the right time. Not only is there sponsored tweets but there is also promotional trends and accounts. Twitter outlines this very clearly on there business

This is how twitter has increased its revenue in the last 6 years, they have developed a clever business focused idea, and its working twitter is generating billions of dollars and I believe they are staying on top of the social networking battle