RIP Facebook??

            Has Facebook written it’s final Chapters??

I Personally disagree I log onto Facebook on a daily basis(and I’m not alone as half Facebook users do too) maybe even hourly even my mother’s on Facebook in fact these days it would probably be easier to mention the people that haven’t joined the social network craze. I wonder is that what’s killing Facebook? Has it now become too ‘common’ for people.

 RIP Facebook was threading on twitter last week a vast amount of the tweets called it ‘uncool’ ‘outdated’, if my grandparents are using it then I’m not’ that then raises the question is Facebook just another fad did it replace MySpace and Bebo and will we see the same thing happen here

 There is a lot of opinions out there, I guess who knows only time will tell if this current Facebook fatigue lasts!!

Facebook becoming ‘common’ has had a quiet a few influences on members everyday life’s  its changed the way we communicate with people, even businesses whole marketing strategies have been influenced, it’s made the internet even more essential to our everyday lives, it’s made computing cool!! Would we notice if it was gone?  Yes, we have to admit it that we would miss Facebook in our lives even if our news feed is full of everyone else’s problems 

So to answer the question RIP Facebook ?

who knows really , but  not yet anyway…. where would people talk!!!



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