YouTube is an important tool to the online marketer


We now know that everything we want to know is behind the click of a mouse, but the question is do we need to see it to believe it. This month saw KONY 2012 go viral across the internet; the 28 minute film campaign by invisible children watched by over 73 million people worldwide in less than a week showcases the significance of YouTube force as a leading online marketing tool.

YouTube not only allows you to upload quality videos to a worldwide audience but commenting on the videos allows you to engage and connect with your audience, and is extremely valuable  to any marketer, I found this blog raised some very interesting points;

As the biggest search engine in the world Google now owns YouTube it now can be seen that videos uploaded onto YouTube now stand an even bigger chance of having a higher rankings than other sites. This therefore creates even more traffic on YouTube, increasing the marketers potential audience.

Companies today now have their own channel on YouTube I followed one global brand NIKE.  Nike have millions to spend on their advertising campaigns and they also include top sports stars in there videos but this isn’t just the reason as to why Nike have proved you be very successful with their YouTube campaigns in the past. This success is down to the reason Nike are concord with their brand, a lot of their most successful video campaigns have been low budget but been extremely effect for the reason they reaching the people they are aim at and YouTube is what allows Nike to do that.


 YouTube also allows Big Brands and Big names support charities and organisations letting them reach their well-established audiences, this video was watched by over 3.5 million Nike fans and was hugely successful in launching the Michael Fox foundation for Parkinson’s research.

Youtube is now and I believe will still be so important to the online Marketer for many years as YouTube gives you endless options!!!!

YouTube is an i…


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