Twitter… who is it? Everyone!

We love knowing the so called unknown and social networking has let us “know” this. We can now interact with the latest stories, news, ideas and people that we find interesting with the click of the button.

 But the question is, how is Twitter different?

Why do we choose twitter form the others for instance over Facebook? Is it simple because of the Character limit? No one likes ran ts!  Or the way we can follow 150+ people on twitter and manage it but on Facebook your homepage is all blocked up? We don’t have time to be sorting out any more accounts! Is it that there are no ads? No one likes pop ups! Or is it simple because twitter lets you go viral? We want the world to know!!


Twitter is a leading social network website

Twitter has seen a huge growth over the last 6 years,  I couldn’t believe when I found out it is now worth over 3.7 Billion.

The question is how do they make money?

In the following twitter’s revenue officer Adam Bain explained how it worked, its surprisingly simple ‘sponsored tweets’  but what are  they…..  Sponsored tweets amplify the message you want to be sent that are targeted at the right person, in the right place and at the right time. Not only is there sponsored tweets but there is also promotional trends and accounts. Twitter outlines this very clearly on there business

This is how twitter has increased its revenue in the last 6 years, they have developed a clever business focused idea, and its working twitter is generating billions of dollars and I believe they are staying on top of the social networking battle


One thought on “TWI$$ER

  1. Susie D says:

    Hey Ash! Great article. Very interesting

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