My final NTFM post


As the Semester comes to a close and I reflect on what I have learned  from NTFM. The list is longer than i thought.  I have learned the importance of social networking sites to not only myself as a marketer but to everyone around us, it is now the foundation of communication! As todays world is even more competitive we now need to brand ourselves in every way, I have learned how to brand myself through the vast social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Google+ and Blogging sites.  I have not only learned the importance  of these online branding tools but, I have become part of them. I have doubled my online presence!

NTFM has not only thought me the skills I need when I enter the work place but it has shown me how to use these skills;

  • How to obtain statistics and data for businesses on Facebook
  • Writing up a Report on the online activity of a company (ASOS)
  • Signed up to Twitter, LinkedIn and Pintrest
  • A Digital Presentation on the SEO of AIB
  • Joined WordPress and Posted 10 blogs

But that is ONLY what I have so called learnt, the experience and enjoyment I have had during this module will stay with me for many years, as I know the world we live is changing all the time this has been a relevent module to the marketeers we are becoming! I no longer have the fear on blogging and putting my opinion online in fact I now find it enjoyable!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Colette and Catherine for sharing their knowledge of New Technologies, and for setting up this great Module, I would recommend this to all future marketers.

Thanks for Reading, until next time…



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